Retrieve Variable Pointer w/ Variable Name

Given a character variable containing a variable name, retrieve the pointer to the named variable.

This program uses the API QleGetExp, which means the variable whose pointer is to be retrieved has to be IMPORT/EXPORT. I created a service program to export the variables VAR1 and VAR2, and then bound that into a program using the API:

 %Str( varName@ : %Len(varName) ) = 'VAR1';    
 var@ = getExp( *Omit                          
              : *Omit                          
              : *Omit                          
              : varName@                       
              : *Omit                          
              : expType                        
              : %Addr(ErrDS)                   

After the call to the API, the pointer variable var@ contains the address of VAR1.

The following link takes you to the source code, written in beautiful /free ILE/RPG. The source is distributed under a creative commons license.

cp0220 - Retrieve Variable w/ Variable Name

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