Swap User Profile

This program retrieves a profile handle, swaps to that profile, and then deletes the profile handle.

The program is called from the command line with the following parameter:

The program call looks like this:

call cp1500r (QSECOFR)

The program uses the following APIs:

It should be pointed out that, using these techniques, anyone with *USE rights to QSECOFR can swap to the QSECOFR profile. This could be considered a security exposure. The purpose I use this program for is to replace adopted object authority within JDEdwards.

The following link takes you to the source code, written in beautiful /free ILE/RPG. The source is distributed under a creative commons license.

cp1500.txt - Swap Profiles

Here is another version using different APIs:

The preceding APIs are all procedures in the Service Program QSYPHANDLE, which we bind to through the binding directory QUSAPIBD.

cp1510.txt - Swap Profiles

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