JDEdwards - Resequencing the Address Book

There are any number of reasons to resequence the Address Book. Merging two JDEdwards implementations (e.g. due to an acquisition) is one. A desire to consolidate Address Book Number by Search Type might be another.

There are at least two ways to resequence an Address Book.

1. Deal with each file containing Address Book number(s) explicitly.


2. Write a generic table-driven program to swap the key values, and populate the tables.

Resequencing the Address Book is one of the things I do for a living. I have done it numerous times, almost always successfully. I have, over the years, written numerous tools to expedite the process. Buy a week of my time and I will give you (actually, license your use thereof) the toolset, and train you in its use. This includes not just Address Book Number conversion, but also other system keys, such as Item Number or Company Number. It will also handle these values if contained in Subledgers.

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