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Self-starting systems analyst/project manager with over 25 years experience in Database Programming (DB2 and Oracle). Extensive experience in Financials (G/L, A/R, A/P) and Distribution and Manufacturing. Equally comfortable with both the technical and human side of the job, most recent areas of concentration have been implementation methodologies/standards, policy compliance and systems integration.


Professional Experience


Leading Edge Software Services, Houston TX, 2003 - 2010


While working at Leading Edge, a Houston contract service provider, my main client was BJ Services, whose core business comprises cementing, stimulation, downhole tools and coiled tubing services worldwide.

·       Application Security (Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance) – Lead team implementing a Security Maintenance system for JDEdwards World and OneWorld. Client defined 'Policies' allow for table-driven automation of all required file maintenance, and a full suite of integrity/audit reports demonstrate compliance.  

·       iSeries Object Authority – Created an audit tool which allowed for programmatic implementation of object authorities from a human readable policy. Audit reports verify policy compliance. This application was implemented using the WorldSoftware Case tools.

·       Accounting Interfaces – Multiple distributed Oracle databases generate information (G/L, A/P) which must be imported into the JDEdwards accounting systems. This was done using DRDA (Distributed Relational Database Architecture) and the Oracle product Oracle Access Manager.

·       SAP Interfaces – Conversion to SAP Payroll and H/R required Address Book and Vendor Master interfaces to J. D. Edwards.


Other accomplishments include:

·       Purchasing – A Houston area home-builder was running heavily modified JDEdwards WorldSoftware. Growth to over a dozen cities required major restructuring of custom master files, with information moving from header to detail records. These changes were high-risk, involving conversions to both program logic and data. Although I jointed the team very late, I ended up with all project management responsibilities.

·       General Accounting - Changes in accounting practices caused a need to reassign JDEdwards Address Book Numbers for a group of vendors. This re-sequencing involved data conversions to a majority the files, including over nine years of purchasing history.

·       Accounts Payable - Redesigned process for entry and payment of utilities. A redesigned front-end cut data-entry time in half, and the check print program was modified to create an ACH/EDI file for direct transmission to the bank, eliminating the need to print over 600 checks a month.

·       Training – Conducted  in-house training for  JDEdwards APCS and CASE tool


PentaSafe Security Technologies, Houston, TX 2000 – 2002

Senior Software Developer

PentaSafe enables companies to safely grow their business by providing integrated security management solutions that ensure continuous compliance with security policies as well as defend against the latest security threats.

·       VigilEnt Security Agent for J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware™ - Designed, implemented, and supported a point product providing audit capabilities thoroughly documenting application security, both as intended (policy) and as actually implemented; automating and simplifying creation of application security implementation; automatic creation of custom menus based upon defined application access policy.

·       VigilEnt Security Agent for iSeries – Secure – Remote Request Manager implemented native (green-screen) user interface for Remote Request Manager, a product providing exit point management for the iSeries. The user interface was implemented using in-house development methodologies, and was written entirely in ILE/RPG, using embedded SQL..

·       Pentasafe Deployment Architecture – Pentasafe Deployment Architecture is an in-house development methodology allowing for rapid and repeatable implementation of interactive data-base applications (on the AS/400). Functions related purely to the user interface are separated from those related to application logic (business rules). This separation of functionality allows for common logic to be shared by graphic and text user interfaces. This methodology was adopted by the entire department, consisting of  roughly 15 programmers.

J.D.Edwards, Houston, TX 1994 – 1999

Technical Project Leader

My duties at J.D.Edwards were quite varied, depending upon the specific client’s needs.

A partial list of clients and responsibilities:

·       Sunbeam (Hattiesburg, Mississippi) – Sunbeam is one of the largest Manufacturers/Distributors of small appliances in the world. Acquisition of another company required resequencing of all system generated keys within all master files. This was a high-risk conversion, affecting all files within J.D.Edwards. This was accomplished through the creation of a generic conversion tool which lent itself to other applications. I managed a team of four (4) programmers on this project.

·       Gateway (North Sioux City, South Dakota) – Gateway is one of the largest Manufacturers/Distributors of Personal Computers in the world. Manual optimization of CASE generated batch programs was required because nightly posts were not finishing in a timely manner. This required extensive modifications to the code base. Also conducted custom training in J.D.Edwards Programming Standards.

·       AmeriServe (Dallas, Texas) – AmeriServe is one of the nation's leading food and restaurant supply distribution companies. My accomplishments included working with IBM engineers to optimize performance of a four-processor AS/400 (both performance-tuning and hand-optimizing generated RPG/III) and extensive modification of the Accounts Receivable reporting used to identify receivables eligible to secure Ameriserve’s line of credit.

·       Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua (Chihuahua, Chihuahua) - Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua produces mainly cement and concrete in Mexico and in the United States of America. Poor training and circumvention of controls had resulted in compromised integrity of both financial and distribution files. I was responsible for verifying the integrity of all inventory data. This was accomplished with a three-count inventory, a functionality not provided for by JDEdwards. I was responsible for creating input documents (count tags), data-entry screens, edit/reconciliation programs and the master file update.

·       J.D.Edwards Corporate Headquarters (Denver, Colorado) – Six months Payroll Development (7.3), including design work for major K-12 (school system) enhancements. Six months ECS (Energy and Chemical Systems) support, working with clients (e.g. Total) to enhance base system.

·       J. D. Edwards Training – Experience with both application and technical training, including A.P.C.S. (Advanced Programming Concepts and Skills), the CASE tool, iSeries Security, iSeries Performance, J. D. Edwards Security, Payroll and H/R.




Brillig Enterprises, Houston, TX 1992 – 1994


A partial list of clients and responsibilities:

·       Pilgrim’s Pride (Mount Pleasant, Texas) – Pilgrim’s Pride is a leader in the production of prepared and fresh chicken in North America. The lack of an audit report for the pricing functions within Pilgrim’s Pride’s Lawson software created accountability issues, with deep concern about employee fraud. I utilized the AS/400’s native journaling ability to quickly create audit reporting (in RPG/III) which provided the necessary controls.

·       Vinson & Elkins – Changes in legislation resulted in a need to update the Benefit Administration System that I had written as an employee of Vinson & Elkins. While most of the system was table-driven, some changes to the code-base were required.

Vinson & Elkins, Houston, TX 1985 – 1992

Analyst / Programmer

·       Designed, implemented and supported Benefit Administration System

·       Supported all interfaces to ADP Payroll

·       Security Officer (performance tuning, disaster recover, configuration)

·       Team member, Data Warehousing project

Gerald D. Hines Interests, LTD., Houston, TX 1982 – 1984


·       CMAS Payroll

·       Team member, McCormack & Dodge General Ledger implementation





B.A. in Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University, Houston, TX